Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You wouldn't think you'd need this.... but you will... for all my moms to be.


Two of my best friends have been expecting baby boys!  My friend Sarah was due February 5th so her little bundle has just arrived.... weighing in at 9lbs 8oz. 21 inches long! YOWZA!  We went and visited Mr. Brentley Knox Holbrooks and he is such a doll!

So anyway... my other friend Annie is due March 9! and she emailed me the other day asking what all I had taken to the hospital, what I wish I would have taken, and what she should have on hand at home.... So, after looking back on the horror film that was giving birth... I came up with this response to her (take heed to my warnings moms to be... take heed).

So for the hospital I took:
Clothes for me for two days (sweat pants, tshirts, loose fitting,) you will be wearing those whale diapers after labor for about 4-6 days so you want something that is not only going to be comfortable, but you kinda want to hide that giant pad you'll be toting around :) You also want to make sure to pick shirts that are easy to maneuver in for breast feeding (make sure to pack nursing cami's and nursing bras.  Better get you some BIG comfy underwear or those boxer briefs for girls (i'm telling you those pads they make you wear are HUGE).  Or you can just steal a few pairs of those big mesh panty/short things they give you.... your choice.
Boppy (i didn't take this but wish I would have).
Your own shampoo, body wash, wash cloth, towels, toothbrush, deodarant, hairbrush, hairbows etc.  (I forgot shampoo and wash and had to use the hospitals and it SUCKS! it's like hotel stuff but worse!... more like sandpaper).
For Baby I packed, clothes, diapers, burp cloths, receiving blankets, and a cute take home outfit.  They bathe baby by sponge there so you wont' have to worry about bathing stuff for him until you get home. 

Somethings you will want on hand at home, that you may already not have.  I had none of this and constantly had people running stuff over to me.  Antiseptic spray and a water bottle.  They sent one home with me thank God, you'll see why, and they will explain all that to you.  But the antiseptic they send you home with isn't enough, trust me! And you need to get the kind that looks like it's in an aerosol can, this shit is AMAZING that cooling sensation just can't be beat :)
You'll need thinner but still what we would consider HUGE pads... the whale pads can go after a few days at home but you'll still be scary down there, and need some of those on hand.
And Vaseline (you'll need this for little man's circumcision spot, if you're doing that, if not disregard this note). And QTIPS.

That's kind of all I can think of for now.... If I come up with anything else I'll let you know.  Or if you just need anyone to terrify you any more just see me... :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Music Problems...

So for the most part I'm a country girl... growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina your whole life, how can you not love country music?  Who doesn't love them some Tim McGraw and Luke Bryan (in the words of Brett Michaels... HI-YOOOO)?.... Now, hold up a second before you get all "what a redneck on me".... I LOVE all kinds of music... you should see my pandora lineup! 

Anyways.... there have been a couple songs come out lately that I just cannot, for the life of me, understand why in the hell anyone would listen to them.... 

take this tune for instance:
Here is what they are saying for the most part... just in case you couldn't catch it from the fantastic video....All I can say is WTF, WTF, WTF??
Sam and the Womp - Bom Bom
I'm the cat with the bass and drum, going 'round like Bom Bom Bom!  
What's grooving? I'm moving. 
I like your style of Womping! How charming! 
Just a rapper - load him up and eat that snapper!  
I want 16 pints of rum and then I go Bom Bom!  
Going up in the dark of the night and so I go ooh ah ah ah ah. 
I... I've brought a pie in my pocket, pie in my pocket, an eye in my socket.  
[I've] got life, [I've] got style, [I've] got nothing on my mind. 
I'm so cool, I'm so groovy, when I go Bom Bom Bom!

I just have a few questions and thoughts... 
-what is womping? and why is it charming?
-I hope a snapper isn't what I think it is.....
-why is she toting a pie in her pocket... and i'm glad she left her eye in her socket (that would make her more freaky than she is already)
-And I suppose so long as they've got life and style nothing else matters which is a plus because I'm pretty sure.... if nothing else... they've got issues....  

Any thoughts or input would be fantastic... if you like the song don't bother commenting we can no longer be friends.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Take it Back Tuesday...Back to who he used to be.


it's tuesday, which means it's time to take it back!

time to link up with jenn for another take it back Tuesday.

all ya gotta do is grab their button, meet new friends, and talk about the good ol' days.

ready, set, go!
Today I want to go back to a time... really before my time.... to that of my husband....
Back to when he used to look like this....
Aww... Just look at that little guy!  Riding his plastic horse on bungee chords! Ya'll remember those?  Even I had one of those... It was great until the springs rusted.....Then you'd just be riding along one day and POP you're laying on the ground.... 
 Then we move on to this photo.... Adam and his jorts!  Nothing is sexier than a pair of Jorts....
 Yowzer! Look at those tube socks... or short shorts... or white tennies... there's just too much blast from the past going on here....
 Who doesn't want to go back to the day where it's ok to pee your pants?? I know I'd love to revisit this time... I mean there are days where I'm just like, "do I really feel like getting up and going to the bathroom? (you know when you're in the middle of a great movie, and you don't want to pause it)... but then I have to, because it's not ok to pee your pants once you hit a certain age.... whatev...
 Bless his heart.... yes this is the same kid (my now ever so handsome hubby).... those are cloth shorts.... again, with the tube socks... back when they actually still made you wear a jersey instead of lame t-shirts like they do nowadays  (and yes they were always way way too big for you, clearly no matter how big you were, YIKES!)
 This is one of my fav collages of all time... a glimpse through time... even to the buzz cut....
I just love to reminisce.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Things that Happen When a Babies in the Room...

I was telling this story to my friend Jenn this morning (to which she laughed hysterically)... and I told her, "you know if that wasn't so personal and graphic, I would blog about it today".... but the more I thought about it (considering it was the highlight of my last two days),  I figured what the heck I'll share it anyways.... 

So let me preface by saying our nine month old son, has a crib still set up in our room.... We have a two story home, and only one bedroom (our master) upstairs... and I just haven't been able to move him downstairs ALONE yet.... So, nonetheless he sleeps in our room, and when I'm too tired to mess with putting him in his crib, I still let him sleep with us (I know, I know supermoms, I'm the devil, I get it).  

So anyway.... Last night we got Cray to sleep and into his crib and we fell asleep... Well about 12:45am Cray woke up and in about ten minutes my husband got him back to sleep (in his crib)... and Adam decided he wanted a little BOW CHICKA WOW WOW.... (probably cause of that super sweet blog I wrote about him yesterday, or he was having dreams about that damn Jennifer Aniston again... whatev). 
So, the whole err,err,err,err begins and all of a sudden Adam says, "Tiffani, he's awake, and he's standing up"....
So, Adam goes over to the crib... and says "hey buddy it's ok" and picks him up...brings him over to our bed and lays him down... at this point I am standing towards our bathroom kind of out of sight... and of course Cray spots me..... And while I know this child has no clue what in the heck is going on.. I am mortified! 
So, to make a long story short.... we finally get him back to sleep, our bed is now occupied, and we have to ummmm... complete our exercise on the FLOOR!
All of my tired, overworked, never get alone time moms know exactly what I'm talking about! 
 So rock on moms! Rock on with floor exercise! Do what you gotta do!
Happy Friday Everybody!