Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The shopping wasnt' so mellow...and neither was my ninja attitude

It's Tuesday and yes, yes, I know I'm a little late with my "weekend update" that I'm so sure so many of you give a crap about.... but anyways.... 

I was afraid I was going to have to cut someone on Saturday afternoon.  Because... as many of you already know I got new appliances and sold all of my old one's using the freaking ever fabulous facebook as a sales tool.... Anyway, my stove is literally less than a year old, I've cooked on it maybe 20 times and it's $600 new, so I figured $300 was  a very reasonable figure for a practically new, GE ceramic cooktop, that I was willing to deliver to you!... So some  girl messages me and says, "what's the lowest  you'll take"... I go through the same blah blah it's practically new, i'll deliver it to you, blah blah blah $300!!! So she says if you'll hold it til Saturday I'll meet you to get it.  So I have my husband load this pain in the arse stove into his truck and haul it to meet this girl... and she says "i'll give you $250 man, this thing is dirty..." I TURN INTO THE HULK! I'm like WTF you must be joking me.....So I proceed to tell her that yes, it has been cooked on, yes it is used, and I held this freaking thing for her for two days, had two other offers on it, and I wasn't taking $250...Not to mention the fact that I scrubbed this thing with an F-ing razor blade to get any possible grime off it (this thing was NOT DIRTY, IT'S BARELY BEEN USED)... I was fully prepared to push it back into the bed of the truck and take it right back home I was so furious.... so she looks it over... and say's well I guess it's ok I'll just take it home and make it shine.... UGH! This coming from a girl with a piercing between her boobs, like she is so much cleaner than me.... Enjoy your stove and I'll enjoy your money. 

Then The hubs, baby, and I decided to take a VERY last minute trip to Tennessee to do some Christmas shopping on Saturday.  Can I just say... I will never ever return to Pigeon Forge Tanger Outlet's this close to Christmas ever again! You would think American Eagle was selling water from a real fountain of youth, the people, the crowds, the mixed up jeans, the HORROR! Not to mention the fact that Adam and I got into a HUGE argument in the middle of the store over the use of the freaking coupons... literally anxiety attack central.... Then we had a delightful dinner at the mellow mushroom (first time eating there) and it was a fantastic pizza experience (changed my whole mood, it really did).

And we did get the chance to look at some beautiful lights! so here is our Christmas light show for the year... hope you enjoy! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We are not handy...

 It's been about a year since we moved into our new home!  And we have been doing a lot of work as we go along.  This home was such a blessing to us! A HUGE Blessing! For Christmas Adam got me new appliances... can you say husband of the year.... 
That being said I wanted to share with you what our kitchen looked like when we first moved in and what it looks like now.
So here is the before: 

Yes those counter tops are Christmas tree green, the back splash is apples! The cabinets and floors are gorgeous; but needless to say the countertops and apples had to go, and those light fixtures..... oh my.  There was nothing in the world wrong with the appliances, they came with the house, again HUGE blessing! But over time I grew to HATE my refrigerator! Side-by-side stinks! I couldn't fit anything in there! So my sweet hubby got tired of hearing me complain and he talked me into new stuff... I'm a tight wad so it took eight months worth of pondering and looking before we decided to take the new appliance plunge.  But yesterday they arrived! 

Beautiful stainless FINGER-PRINT-LESS steel! AHHHH! 
Then came putting them in their respective places; which, if you have ever been around my husband and I while doing a project you know it ALWAYS ends in an argument.... So, after a few huffs, puffs, and eye rolls.... we got everything in! 

I don't know why these freaking pictures keep refusing to rotate even after I save them but anyways... turn your head to the side and see the changes! New rock back splash was completed about last spring, the new counter tops were completed a few months after moving in as were the lights... and now the AMAZING appliances have completed this beautiful kitchen.  I have to give a shout out to my girl Jenn over at Sweet Life of a Southern Wife because her awesome husband L.T hooked us up through his appliance store, Macon Appliance! So if you need anything go see L.T he's the best!

Monday, December 3, 2012

SANTA!!!!! I know him.....

Getting into the Christmas spirit was my main priority this weekend and boy was this mission accomplished! We had an absolutely fantastic weekend.
For those of you who don't know we live in a very small (yet AMAZING) town.  Our stores consist of Wal-mart (which I now call the seventh circle of hell, because we just upgraded to wal-mart market, which sucks! and there is this horrible round-about traffic pattern to get there, and I just hate it)... Big Lots... and Kmart.  So, after going to all three stores (on a crazy mission for "my first christmas" ornaments) our mission for finding these "golden bricks" was complete!  Literally nobody stocks "my first Christmas" ornaments anymore, well, except Kmart.  So, we did some awesome decorating.  Which, I am super thrilled about our tree this year because this is the first year I've had a tree three feet taller than me! eeeek! So here are a few pictures of our decorating fun!  And we also went to the Casino for dinner last night at the Chef's Stage which was AMAZING! So the picture of me and Cray in front of the giant wreath (this is not in my home) was outside the restaurant.  Oh, and some of my pictures didn't save when I rotated them so just turn your head to the side and pretend they are upright! Merry Christmas!
I did not make this (BigLots purchase)

I did make this, thanks to pinterest.

Sorry this picture is sideways I thought I adjusted it... oh well

We just put his ornament on.

This is our tree. again, sorry for the crookedness

Cray's first ornament

E's first ornament

Mine and Adam's ornaments.  I've literally had these things for years.

All of our stockings... except Tanyr's... sorry tan tan I'll get yours soon!