Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Comparison Chart

Comparisons.  We all do it. We all struggle with it.  Social media makes it so much worse.  They have such a nice car.  They have such a nice house.  Her husband is so sweet.  She has great hair, skin, abs, whatever.  They go on so many vacation etc etc etc.  It is truly toxic! Do we really think about what is going on in those photos we see? Do we really need to compare our clothes, kids, cars, homes lives to those of others?

It happened to me.  I caught myself (in church nonetheless).  I am human.  Thankfully I am also SAVED and God showed me quickly.  Don't do it; appreciate the things you have; you're doing a great job mama.  

So what happened exactly.  Well...... For Sunday night service we take our kids to Children's church.  My son is three and my daughter is two.  This night there were three other children in class besides mine, two at age four, and one at age two.  The teacher told a story and asked questions.  Do you know who this is?..... BABY JESUS two of the kids yelled (not mine).  And who is this..... BIG JESUS.... and what is he doing.... TEACHING.... and what is this?? THE CROSS... and what did Jesus do here?  HE DIED FOR US....and what is this?  THE TOMB! and what happened here?  JESUS ROSE!  My kids didn't utter the first peep.  (side note: I stayed in class because my kid wrapped around my leg and started to cry when I tried to leave).  Anyway, next task, color the pictures from the story we just discussed, cut them out, and let's make a book.  My son, out loud, for the teacher's and other mom to hear "I don't know how to color!" my response, "yes you do silly, here hold your crayon like we work on" ... my son "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HOLD A CRAYON"
So at this point I'm looking at my son like:
Because I'M EMBARASSED! Because MY KID doesn't know/feel comfortable holding a crayon.  Because MY KID does not know how to/like to color.  And because MY KID can't talk fluently about Jesus like I THINK he should....Because MY KID wrapped around my leg and threw a fit when I tried to leave....

So on the way home I start telling Adam about how far behind Cray is and how he can't color, and he can't answer questions like the other kids.  COMPARING HIM TO OTHER KIDS, AND COMPARING MYSELF TO OTHER MOMS BECAUSE I THINK I HAVE FAILED.  And this is why I love my husband so much... he says "Tiff don't compare Cray to other kids, he's fine, we're fine... you need to ask yourself, will cray be where those kids are in ten months?"  So I say Cray, can you tell Dad what we learned in class.  He gets out his little book "Dad, this is baby Jesus, and he died for us, because he loves us so much, and then he Rose and went to heaven, and we will see him one day" 

Thanks God.  Thank you for reminding me.  Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it Proverbs 22:6.  

Thank you for showing me that their may be reasons why my kid doesn't write as well as other kids.  Maybe because instead of doing writing lessons we play super heroes.  We chase each other through the house fighting crime, saving the day, with dart guns, ducking behind the island while Adam tries to chase us.  Thank you God for showing me.

There may be a reason my kid wraps around my legs and won't let me leave a room.  Maybe it's because I work all day every day and when they see me they want to hold on a little longer.  Thank you God for sweet hugs and kisses and loving smiles that prove how much my kids adore me.  Thank you for that assurance that I am doing a good job; regardless of how many story questions they can't answer, and what kind fit they throw when I try to leave.   
Don't compare mama.  Don't wish you had what they have, don't wish you're doing what they're doing.  God has you exactly where he intended you to be.  Your little family is doing exactly what they need to be doing.  And if you are teaching them the best you can to Love Jesus, and Love others HE will continue to keep things just so.   

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