Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Those moments.

The day is filled with tons and tons of moments.  Moments that last just a second, some a little longer.. moments that make you angry, moments that make you sad, and moments that fill your heart with so much joy it could burst.  And moments that in most cases get taken for granted....

Late last night my children and I piled in bed and watched a movie, we snuggled, and watched Beauty and the Beast (my kids first time seeing the movie), and while I truly enjoyed these moments with them.... I watched my husband pick up around the house a bit, put some things away, take a shower, and much later come crawl into bed with us.... Just as he came in, it was time for me to put the kids to bed in their rooms.  Most of the time the role is reversed and I am the one doing all those little things, baths, laying out the next days clothes bookbags etc, putting the dog to bed, all those little menial things that are so tiring...  and last night as I watched Adam get to enjoy about 10 minutes of  true family time with us, I became so thankful.....

Two nights ago I came home to Adam cooking dinner.  He was mixing up some cornbread, Palmer had a chair pulled up right beside him at the counter, and he was just cooking away; Palmer just chattering as she pretend cooked.  Cray was running around, Adam answering a bazillion of his questions... It was pure chaos... purely beautiful chaos, I became so thankful..... 

Yesterday, I had a customer fly in from New York to buy a Corvette, he landed in Asheville at 1:45, if I timed it just right I could still make it to watch the kids gymnastics and take Cray to soccer practice.  As my customer drove off the lot at 4:02 another one walked in the door, I hurried and got everything I needed for todays deal, and out the door I went ten minutes late for making it to gymnastics.  As I walked through the gym I saw little hands waving in excitement that their mama was there to watch; Adam standing there holding shoes in his hands amongst a bunch of mothers, watching the kids.....I became so thankful.  After gymnastics we whisked across the road to soccer, and Adam and I got to sit on the bleachers in the shade, and just BE STILL and chat for a moment.  After soccer, we went out for Taco Tuesday, the kids and I ran to Walmart.... and I came home to a surprise pumpkin crunch and pumpkin pie blizzard that Adam picked up for me on the way home.... I became so so so thankful.

All these little moments, these quick little moments that we normally just let pass us by are huge.  There are so many days that we can just pass each other like strangers on the side walk, but instead my husband chooses to show me love in so many ways.  He doesn't have to cook dinner, he could wait for me to get home.  He doesn't have to run our kids all over creation for activities, but he does.  He didn't have to go out of his way to pick me up a surprise dessert, but he did.  Everyday Adam chooses to keep loving me.  I don't always thank him or praise him like I should; heck most days he probably thinks I don't appreciate him at all.... But man, do I ever.  Don't get me wrong there are days when I think "why do I do everything around here", always loading the dishwasher, bathing the kids, blah blah blah.... but it's give and take, I have to do my part and he has to do his.  And as I watched him crawl into bed last night, I was so so thankful for my husband.  Today, typing this I am so so thankful for my husband.  Those moments that I get to have with him every day, good/bad, happy, or whatever, I am so thankful. 

Catch a glimpse of your husband and in that moment whatever he is doing appreciate him.  Appreciate him for his flaws, appreciate him for his perfections, for his quirks, for his handsomeness.... whatever drew you to him in the first place, be thankful for him and the everyday moments you get to share because in those rushed moments, the ones we take for granted, you'll thank God for the blessing that is yours.     

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